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Exclusive Member Services

For only $250 per year (or $1,000 for businesses with more than 5 Macs) you can become a My Mac Concierge member. Members enjoy priority service and several free and discounted services. 

On-Site Services, Weekend Availability & Priority Scheduling

As a Member, you can reach me after hours and on weekends and holidays for computer help. You also have priority over non-Members for scheduling of appointments. Also, on-site services are reserved for Members.


Reduced Rates for Services

Members receive reduced rates on on-site appointments, repairs and upgrades. Also, Member get FREE diagnosis and estimates as well as FREE malware removal.


Three (3) Free On-Site Visits

Members are entitled to a FREE on-site annual checkup of their computers and two (2) other FREE on-site visits. This includes an evaluation of the computers and their components, scanning and removal of malware, and recommendations to make your computers operate optimally. It also includes a consultation on effectively backing up your computer.


Free New Mac Setup

Members also are entitled to a FREE on-site appointment to setup a new Mac once a year. This includes transferring your data from your old Mac, if possible, and setting it up with your WiFi network and printer.

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